Why You Probably Shouldn’t Comment and Say Hi on LinkedIn

I think we can all agree that getting an MBA isn’t easy. It’s a massive investment and there’s always a lot of uncertainty associated with it. There’s a lot of pressure to do well and get a good job, with a solid pay package, decent work-life balance, ample opportunities to grow and what not! The list is endless…

This anxiety has indirectly lead to thousands of posts on LinkedIn such as the one below:

You’ll find hundreds of such people on LinkedIn who claim to be recruiting through posts like this  and apparently, all you have to do is comment ‘+’ or say hi to land the role. Always remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I find it hard to imagine that any legitimate recruiter would scroll through hundreds of comments (saying hi), clicking through hundreds of links to profiles and then scan through them in order to hire someone. I could be wrong but it just seems extremely unlikely to me. If they wanted to look up a bunch of random candidates, they could just use the search feature on LinkedIn to do so!

What do these people gain through such posts? The answer is visibility. Every time you comment on such posts, there’s an extremely likelihood that it’ll show up in the feeds of all your connections. This just another form of spam that we all could do without. Break the cycle and put an end to posts of this sort.

And who knows? An actual recruiter might see you commenting like this and dismiss you as being extremely gullible or too lazy to actively pursue opportunities!

I’ve also seen posts in which people promise to send across PowerPoint templates or e-books. These posts are usually legitimate and I have actually received whatever was promised, in most cases. But if you think they’re giving away the books out of the goodness of their heart, then you’re mistaken. The hidden agenda, again, is visibility and building connections. Many of these people could also probably harvesting your email IDs and selling them off to spammers!

If you disagree with me and have proof that commenting like this actually helps, please do drop a comment below. As I said, I could be mistaken and don’t mind being corrected.


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