Exams Over… Now What?

My first year university exams just got over and I feel completely blank. Null. Void. Zilch. Gaping black hole inside.  Over the past two months, all I wanted was for the bloody exams to get over as soon as possible. Now that they’re over, it’s like my life has lost all immediate purpose. I guess I hyped up this moment too much. But at the same time, I’ve got so much stuff that I want to do in the two week summer break that the Kerala University has so graciously handed out that I feel completely overwhelmed. There’s also this little part of me that yearns for college to reopen so that I can subject myself monotonous regularity of college classes.

It’s just that the past one year of engineering college has left me feeling stupid. A quarter of my engineering course is over and all that I did was mug up tons of crap like the constituents of paint and the IS specifications of cement and concrete. I have barely studied anything worthwhile. And it’s unlikely that I will, given our shitty syllabus and my complete lack of interest in engineering. So I’ve decided to spend as much time as I can on reading because free time is something you get in abundance as a Kerala University engineering student. I can’t even remember the last time I read a proper book… which is plain depressing. So here’s to reading, and the sea of knowledge that awaits me…

Any book recommendations, people? If yes, please do post in the comments section.
At the moment, I’m reading Graham Farmelo’s biography on Paul Dirac: ‘The Strangest Man.’ I felt the least I could do was to read up on the man who has been responsible for so much hardship (not to mention sleepless nights) through his contributions to my SSD (Solid State Devices) course. SSD has a rather colourful nickname here: ‘Sure Suppli Device/Disaster‘ by dint of the number of people who get supplis in the subject. ‘Suppli‘ meaning a back paper in college parlance. And just in case, Ben G. Streetman ever reads this: ‘Dude, you better change your name. You ain’t got no street cred here.

Note to self: Must keep phone away. Reading Whatsapp messages, 9GAG posts, Quora discussions and football transfer rumours does not count as reading…

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